This year is a strange and perfectly understandable year whether self-isolation, procrastination, or other external factors are making you try new things. Maybe your job is no longer satisfying or you have more free time. This can be a place to take online training courses.

We firmly believe that you don’t have to devote yourself to cultivating this time (hey, getting right now is great), but if you feel like you want something that will fill your spare time or help your next job A short course for virtual training can just be the ticket.

“Online courses are a great way to fill what is known as the ‘Skills Bridge’,” explains Hanna Selina, Director of Insights at FutureLearn. “Often times, people need to learn to keep up with and interact with new technology, or even engage in more gentle skills such as social interaction and working with people.”

This “Photography Fundamentals and More: Smartphones to DSLR” course is offered by the University of Michigan and is designed to help you develop a thorough understanding of how to take brilliant photos and your knowledge of everything from cameras to composition can evolve. .

Web design and development
Do you want to try to defend yourself in the future? Give LinkedIn web design and development a try with this beginner coding course designed to give you everything you need to become a website designer.

You may have a deadly idea and are passionate about turning it into a business idea, but when you really have to steer the wheels? There’s no trace – because it’s a short course. Increase your knowledge of entrepreneurship and discover how to plan, develop, maintain and build a successful business.

Ever wanted a private cooking lesson from Gordon Ramsey? This is a good second best (especially since we all keep our distance socially nowadays.) The chef translates for you how to make 13 dishes with quality food from “everyday ingredients”.

Learn a new language
Have you always wanted to speak Spanish? What about French. What about Italian? Maybe now is the perfect time to use your free time freely and choose a second (or third) language with online courses that promise group learning and real-world conversation to develop your conversation skills.

World politics and globalization
Are you sure you want to do something that interests you? FutureLearn offers an 11-week course that will examine threats to our world and understand how cultures and organizations can work together to combat them. This course also includes three courses and assessments

Well-being and care
This course comes from Yale University and is led by a professor who wants to provide you with the tools you need to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. This course is designed to help you identify factors that can have a negative impact on your life and explain how you can develop happier practices.

The Adobe Animate CC: Learn Animation course on LinkedIn gives you an idea of ​​how to animate and get things moving in Adobe. Video courses will help you add text, images, and effects, and create characters and apply motion. Sounds funny!

Making movies
Oh, it’s no big deal, it’s just that Oscar-nominated actor Spike Lee will guide you through the independent filmmaking process and give you instructions on how to make your own film. In this video presentation, Spike provides advice on everything from song selection to editing

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